Our High Times Cup Premiere! Courtesy of Benson Elvis Extracts (Photos Inside)

We are very happy to say that Day One of our first show / cup appearance ever is coming to a close. We're sad to say we couldn't be there in person with a booth of our own...but thanks to Benson Elvis Extracts we still made it in spirit!

We've heard from a few folks that Glob Mode is the closest thing to 'a perfect torch hit' out there when it comes to e-nails from a few folks now and we never really considered what that really meant until now. 

We ended up spoiling ourselves when we started this project almost 2 years ago so it's all we've know for quite some time. We're really excited to hear that features like Glob Mode may grab some of the torch diehards out there and make 'em consider an enail. 

It just fuels our fire to continue trying to innovate. Keep trying to push the industry forward. New ideas and new tech are coming to Cannabis...and we're ready to lead the charge. 


Here's a few shots from our various social outlets over the course of the day [All photos taken by Benson Elvis Extracts, IG: benson.elvis.ca, benson.elvis]

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