Next Round Almost Ready to Ship!

Wanted to update the blog (and our customers that pay attention to the site) since we haven't in awhile.
The next round of units is coming together as I type. Most of the internals have been wired for everyone with a current order & all of your enclosures are finished, gorgeous, and ready to get their guts.
What's Left:
- We're waiting on our last shipment of temp. sensors to come in. They got held up during shipping and should arrive by Monday.
- We're finishing all of the bottoms for the units seperately in one large batch over the weekend.
- We're getting all of the shipping materials & paperwork in order for quick packing once each unit is ready to go out. (Invoices, Coils, Box, Tracking, etc.)
- We're currently doing QC & burn-in on our new shipment of coils (which arrived yesterday). Anyone with a seperate coil order should receive shipping for sometime this weekend.
- Our sale is still running (Code: FIRESALE-USA) for our North American customers & you can grab a spot in the next small batch for only $400. But I will say snooze you lose (and it's lookin' like the sun is setting on the sale here at HQ). Heh.
What's Next:
A lot.
- Our apps are near completion and we hope to start more public testing by the end of the month. Get ready, folks. This isn't just a thermostat paint job...It'll be the start of a whole new era in dabbing. We can't wait to start getting feedback so we can make it better and better as time goes on (and more folks get their units online) we hope to make Hex-Nail into a lot more than another enail on the shelf.
- We're currently awaiting the last shipment of parts from our friend's at NewVape so we can start integrating the FlowerPot into the Hex-Nail's tuning library. We've had more requests for this device than any we hope to make Hex-Nail the only choice forĀ fans of the FlowerPot that want the best vaping experience possible.
- We're currently prototyping something big (or maybe little) that's going to flip the script againĀ (but we can't say much more than that yet). We're just getting started, y'all.
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